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Shipwright Cottage

IBNA is excited to announce that the Shipwright Cottage at 900 Innes Ave. has been approved by the city’s Park, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Committee, AND the Recreation and Parks Commission. This is another major step forward to achieving our vision of an open, public waterfront.
The next step: approval by the Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee and finally the Board of Supervisors.. Watch this space, or follow us onĀ Facebook for details.
About Us

The Innes Avenue Coalition was formed in November, 1994, in response to plans to build a second power plant in our neighborhood. The Friends of India Basin was formed in 1996 as a park stewardship organization. In 2000, the groups merged to form the India Basin Neighborhood Association.

The history of India Basin is a curious combination of industry and open space, business and pleasure. The name India Basin first appeared on a map in 1868, but theories as to its origin remain murky. The best guess is that India Basin is named for the ships from the India Rice Mill Company, which docked there in the 19th century. A more creative explanation has it that it was so named because water from nearby springs would stay fresh until a ship reached India.

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