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Agenda 08-10-2013


Board of Directors Meeting

August 10, 2013



  1. Call to order – Determine Quorum and welcome members


  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes:   From July 13, 2013


  1. Chairman’s Report: by Michael Hamman.
    1. Opening Hudson & Griffith Streets update.
    2. Update on opening Shoreline Open Space path.
    3. Various Planning Dept notices.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: by Michael Cocagne.


  1. Secretary’s Report: by Sue Ellen Smith.
    1. Correspondence


  1. Other Reports:
    1. Update on Membership by Brian
    2. Legal Status of the Association (Sue Ellen & Allen)
    3. Update from Jill on 900 Innes
    4. Adjustment of property line at Shoreline Park allows new bike path opportunities.


  1. Old Business:
    1. Web Site Improvements
  1. Secure a budget for Steve ($159.00)
  2. Issues to address;
    1. Add Power Point to Site
    2. Add Video to Site
    3. Create a “Board Members Only” archive
  1. New Business:
    1. Discussion and possible action to create a budget for buying a Canopy
    2. Should we endorse “No Wall on Washington”?


  1. Future Agendas.
    1. Schedule planning for the AGM at the September meeting.


  1. Adjournment. (10:45 AM)