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Minutes 12-3-16


Board of Directors Meeting

December 3, 2016


  • Call to order – Determine Quorum and welcome members
  • Approval of Meeting Minutes:   Meeting minutes from November 5, 2016
  • Board Member Check-in: (10 minutes or less)
  • Chair’s Report:  by Sue Ellen Smith
  • Treasurer’s Report:  by Allen Frazier.
  • Secretary’s Report:  by Mónica Padilla-Stemmelen.
  • Correspondence


      1. Thank you letters for Kayak event
        1. Secretary sending by end of week 12/9/16


  • Other Reports:
  • Update: Build Inc./IBWG mtg  11/15/16 – Sue Ellen, Sean, Richard
  • Old / On-going Business:
  • Chair duties


      1. Meeting Notes & Agenda: Mónica
      2. Run meetings: Richard
      3. Guest speakers: Tori
      4. Responding to inquiries: Sean
      5. Collaborating & Planning for Events:
        1. AGM: Tori & Mónica
        2. Egg Hunt: Pauline & Steve
        3. Kayak: Allen & Mónica
      6. Financials: Allen & Michael C.
      7. Represent IBNA at Community Events: Rotating


  • New Business:
  • Planning for 12/17 IBNA & BRITE Holiday Party


        1. Update: Pot Luck at Laughing Monk


  • January  7th meeting: IBNA membership input re Build: development
  • Adjournment.  (10:00 AM)



Guest Speakers:  Michael Yarne, Courtney Pash and Victoria Lehman

  • Build: 700 Innes Development
    • Draft EIR planned for March 2017; certified by Q3
      • Best case scenario: Approved by 2018 (ideally)
        • EOY 2018
      • Timing (within 10 years)
        • Phase 1: Innes and Garage (Aurelius, Earl, Hudson)
        • Phase 2: Michael Hamman’s home
        • Public access component being considered in all phases
    • In talks with Zebra space to acquire their property
    • Question: Are the working group meetings open to the public?
      • Programming study
    • In talks with “Mission Prep” school to take on K-8 school space
    • In talks with “La Scuola” private K-8 school
    • Pier no longer on Build land; pier will be a part of Rec & Parks’ India Basin Shoreline park
    • Disputes from Archimedes Banyan over roof deck
    • Open invitation to view renderings of “visual studies”
    • Contact: