Minutes 7_07_2018

India Basin Neighborhood Association


July 7, 2018

Meeting Called to Order at  9:00 am

  • Attendance J.Fox, R.Laufman, A.Frazier, S.Karlin, M.Padilla-Stemmelen, Michael Hamman
  • Minutes of May 5, 2018 approved


  • Treasurer Report
    • J.Fox proposes we clarify fiscal sponsorship with America True; A.Frazier makes a motion that treasurer meets with with America True to investigate and report back on the previous structural agreements and makes recommendations for board; M.Hamman seconds; All in agreement. Motion passes.
    • M.Hamman makes a motion for a complete accounting 2017 and 2018 with America True; No second. Motion fails.
    • A.Frazier motions to purchase Square replacement made by Wells Fargo. Seconded by R.Laufman; All in agreement. Motion passes
    • Membership Status: J.Fox aks Board members to confirm their contact information and pay their dues.
    • Website update status: In progress, S.Karlin asks for content.


Build, Inc. Agreement

  • Board revises draft of: Agreement between IBNA and Build Inc. J.Fox to update.

IBNA sponsored events

  • Candidate Forum Review and Next Steps
    • Outreach to greater Bayview, Potrero and Dogpatch
  • Kayak Event, October 6th
    • M.Hamman volunteers to serve as liaison to America True
    • Board agrees to change October meeting to September 29th because of event
  • Guests, Digital Services, scheduled for August Board meeting at 10:30am. S.Karlin to coordinate and share out information to IBNA membership.


  • No one available to research and comment on Navy plan for clean-up of Parcel “G”
  • M.Hamman makes a motion of writing a letter to the editor of the SFChronicle advocating for grocery store at 1550 Evans; no one seconds. Motion fails
  • S.Karlin makes a motions to write an official letter to Mayor, PUC and other official channels; M.Hamman seconds; all agree. Motion passes. J.Fox to draft letter.
  • Board discussed sending letter of appreciation to the Five Point for work beautifying Innes Avenue.

Adjourned at 11:35 am

  • Next Meeting: August 4