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IBNA Resolution Public Benefit Requirements for Development 5.4.17


India Basin Neighborhood Association

IBNA Board Resolution Establishing Public Benefit Criteria for

Supporting Proposed Height Increases in India Basin Neighborhood

WHEREAS, India Basin Neighborhood Association (“IBNA”) is a local not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to “preserve [India Basin’s] maritime history, natural beauty, diverse character and unique ambiance….desirous of maintaining our vibrant mixed-use neighborhood, where

businesses and neighbors all co-exist in harmony.”  As our neighborhood is now undergoing extensive development, we wish to establish clear guidelines surrounding any proposed building height increases, which IBNA may support in certain limited situations due to the clear public benefit conferred by a particular development, as follows:

IBNA’s Requirements for Consideration of Development Projects:

Concentration of higher buildings along hillside:  IBNA is open to considering building proposals that concentrate height greater than that currently allowed under existing zoning in limited sites where the proposed taller building would “hug” the hillside areas, rather than along the waterfront, which IBNA believes should be preserved as a public space meant to be enjoyed by all residents of the neighborhood; and

No increase of development capacity:   IBNA is open to considering building proposals that concentrate height greater than that currently allowed under existing zoning in limited sites if the project’s proposed re-zoning and height reclassification do not increase development capacity beyond what is currently allowed under existing zoning; and

Generation of significant public benefits: IBNA would only consider supporting any proposed building height increase that meets the above requirement of “hugging” the hillside, only if the entire proposed project also generates considerable public benefits to the residents of the neighborhood; and

View studies:  IBNA would only consider supporting  any proposed building height increase that meets the above requirements if view studies, conducted by the San Francisco Planning Department or other such agency, reveal that the proposed development has the least impact on existing public and private residential views; and

Shadow studies:  IBNA would only consider supporting  any proposed building height increase that meets the above requirements if shadow studies, conducted by the San Francisco Planning Department or other such agency, reveal that the proposed development cast the least shadow impact on existing and future public open space.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, IBNA will actively oppose height increases in the general India Basin neighborhood unless the project(s) satisfy these strict site criteria and provide considerable public benefits to the residents of the neighborhood.  

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, IBNA’s potential support of any such project involving re-zoning and/or height increases will not establish a precedent for similar height increases on any other site in the general India Basin neighborhood, as each potential development will be judged against the above-listed criteria on a case-by-case basis.


2016 Board Members Election

At our Annual General Meeting, in addition to getting the opportunity to meet and spend time with your neighbors, members will also have the opportunity to vote for three board members to serve on the IBNA board.

Here are the people running for election:

Sue Ellen Smith – (Incumbent and current Chair of the Board)

Sue Ellen first came to the Bay Area from SoCal to attend UC Berkeley. Smitten by the area’s beauty, great food, and interesting people, she declared this glorious region home since then (with the exception of a brief stay at UC Davis for her law degree). Living in San Francisco and looking for an affordable neighborhood led her to India Basin, where she has owned a home since 1998. She loves the neighborhood’s sunny weather, eclectic mix of people, art and dog-friendly attitudes, and the opportunity for making a great neighborhood into a destination location through implementation of IBNA’s Community Vision. Sue Ellen loves to walk in the neighborhood, and looks forward to the day we will be able to walk along the waterfront from The Shipyard all the way to the Giants ballpark and beyond.

Over the past year Sue Ellen was appointed by Mayor Ed Lee to the Mayor’s Task Force on India Basin Shoreline Parks & Trails, and by Supervisor Malia Cohen to represent District 10 as a juror on the Design Panel for India Basin Shoreline Parks & Trails.

Michael Hamman – (Incumbent and current Membership Chair)

Michael Hamman left North Carolina for San Francisco in the Summer of Love and has loved it here ever since. After hanging his hat in the Haight, Ingleside, and Daly City, he discovered a true home in friendly India Basin in 1997. A general contractor and officer of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), he has been active in city land use issues for over 20 years. On the local scene he is Treasurer of both IBNA and the BVHP PAC and our representative to the Southern Waterfront Advisory Committee (SWAC).
A country boy at heart, Michael is much admired for growing giant sunflowers and also makes a great pot of chili.

Tori Freeman (Incumbent)

Tori grew up in the Bayview and has lived in India Basin since 1998. Her two daughters are fifth generation San Franciscan.  She is a mediator and the community liaison for Pier 70 Partners. Tori volunteers for Community Boards, the Office of Citizen Complaints and the District Attorney’s Neighborhood Courts program in both the Bayview and Mission courts.  She is a former Board Member of Breast Cancer Action and Miraloma Cooperative Nursery School. Her favorite things about India Basin are the small town feel, wonderful neighbors, India Basin Shoreline Park, Heron’s Head Park and the fact that we have the best weather in San Francisco.

Kristine Enea 

Kristine has lived in India Basin since 2005, when she bought her first home on Innes Avenue. She joined the IBNA Board soon after, and became a liaison to several other community groups including the Restoration Advisory Board overseeing the environmental cleanup of the Hunters Point Shipyard. Kristine was serving as Chair of IBNA when the neighborhood won its long battle to make the Shipwright’s Cottage at 900 Innes a San Francisco Historic Landmark – the first City landmark ever granted by petition of someone other than the property owner.

Kristine has more than twenty years of work experience as a deal negotiator in Silicon Valley, and enjoys leveraging that skill to help build consensus on neighborhood issues. She has served on other nonprofit boards for almost as long, including for the San Francisco Choral Society and the World Affairs Council of Northern California.

Mónica Padilla-Stemmelen

Mónica is a bilingual educator with a decade of experience working in Bay Area public and independent schools. Mónica is currently completing her Masters in Linguistics at San Francisco State, where she was awarded a Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. She holds a strong interest in heritage language preservation and has worked alongside graduate students documenting the endangered language Zapotec in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, México. Mónica has lived in San Francisco since 2004 with her husband, Mathieu Stemmelen. They joined the India Basin community in April of 2015 as new residents of The San Francisco Shipyard. She enjoys all things education, sci-fi and music.

Ellsworth Jennison Jr.

I have been a carpenter for almost 40 years with the union, Local 22. I am currently employed with the Port of San Francisco as a carpenter. I also work for San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department as a lifeguard at the Martin Luther King, Jr pool on 3rd St.

I have lived in India Basin for over 35 years and am interested in being involved in the future of development in the area.

900 Innes Design Competition

City View From India Basin

Following a public RFI process, five internationally renowned design teams were selected to develop visions for the 8-acre site India Basin site. Finalists include:-


Gustafson Guthrie Nichol-

Surface Design and Aidlin Darling Design

SWA and Stanley Saitowitz/Natoma Architects-

Tom Leader Studio

The teams were asked to conserve and restore the habitat, respect the character of the site, create something sustainable, involve the community, be innovative, and deliver outstanding design ideas. The finalists’ submissions will be available to view online at and at the EcoCenter at Heron’s Head Park (32 Jennings St, San Francisco, CA 94124) between January 13 through February 13, 2016.

The Shipwright Cottage Acquisition Moves To Rec & Parks

Shipwright Cottage, 900 Innes Ave.

Shipwright Cottage, 900 Innes Ave.

Last week a major victory was achieved when PROSAC (Park, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Committee), approved the acquisition of the 900 Innes property.The purchase will now go in front of Rec and Parks for their approval and finally to the city’s Land Use Committee.

The historic cottage along with 1.5 acres of waterfront land will be purchased from the Tenderloin Housing Clinic for $2.9 million by the city real estate office, and escrow is expected to close by August 1st.

India Basin would like to give a big thanks to our supervisor Malia Cohen for championing this project.

Shoreline Planning: The Community Vision

IBNA has created a Community Vision with architectural renderings and financials to help communicate the scale and type of development we’d like to see on our shoreline – click here to see our latest draft. We want your input! Please send your feedback to Find more information on the India Basin Shoreline planning process from the San Francisco Planning Department website.