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May 04, 2019

Present: J.Fox, S.Karlin, M.Hamman, R. Laufman, and M.Padilla-Stemmelen

Quorum: Met

Minutes: April minutes approved

Board Check-In

  • Posh Green reaches out to S.Karlin
  • M. Hamman no longer on the Bayview CAC


  • Chair Report
    • DPW & SFCUU have secured funding for R&D and outreach
  • Treasurer’s report:
    • Updated
  • Membership:
    • 3 prior membership applications paid


  • Posh Green
    • IBNA will send nonpartisan letter in response to Posh Green’s communication on 5/1/19
  • 900 Innes
  • Jill, Richard & Michael were at the waterboard meeting for the clean up. They committed to trying to save the historic buildings.


  • Website – Drop Steve. Sean to find another developer – Ask Dave as well.


  • Member Quarterly (June 1)
    • Utility presentations – Muni – CBTP – Clean Power SF – Recology
    • New retail & opportunities – reach out to Cafe Alma (Jill), Bath House (Michael) & Posh Green (Sean) for businesses on Innes – Sutro (Michael), Dohertys (Jill), Build (Michael), for open retail spaces.   
    • Richard to work on room & chairs
    • Rent projector (Jill) Laptop & Screen (Sean)
    • Save the date – postcard & email
    • pastries – Michael
    • Coffee, plates, napkins, etc. – Jill


  • Meeting adjourned  11:05 am.