Bike Access

Making India Basin safe for biking checks three long-term IBNA goals: Environmental Protections, Transportation Improvements, and Recreational Opportunities. Toward that end IBNA is establishing a committee specifically to concentrate on bike issues.

The Bike Access Committee rolling on three bike paths:

The Quick: Adding bike lanes on Innes is feedback from IBNA to the SFMTA Quick-build project. This solution could give dedicated bike access through the neighborhood within a year.

The Scenic: The Bay Trail is a 400-mile path around SF Bay. Completing one missing block of Bay Trail (from Earl to Donohue) will provide a safe ride or walk around the India Basin waterfront with a Shipyard destination. IBNA considers this a meaningful environmental justice project that will take some fun negotiating with the Navy and regional partners.

The Vision: Outlined in the IBNA Community Vision and adopted in development plans, the Hudson alternative Class 1 Bike Path will cross the PG&E site and on Hudson Avenue through the Historic Boatyard, Build Inc. project, and Northside Park into the Shipyard. This built-for-bikes road will be completed with those developments and is 12 to 15 years away.

IBNA Supports D10 Connected and Protected Bike Route:

The IBNA Bike Access Committee also will be coordinating with folks from Dogpatch and Potrero Hill who are working to create safe bike access throughout District 10.

Anyone is welcome to join the IBNA Bike Access Committee. If you have questions or are interested in any of this bike advocacy, please email