Agenda 02-05-2024

India Basin Neighborhood Association Board of Directors Meeting

February 5, 2024, 9:00 AM

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  1. Board Check-in
  2. Discussion: January 15 Mural and Cleanup event
  1. Next event date options
    1. Suggest Spring Cleanup April 20 (weekend before Open Studios)
  2. Planter issue updates
  3. New mural in 2024
  4. Third Street Bridge Closure
    1. Concerns:
      1. Final design (Bayview Historical Society on this aspect)
      2. Mitigations during closure (walking, biking, public transit, vehicles) such as improving Illinois Street and Evans prior to closure; turns off Third Street; and improving lighting, shelters, and security at new transit transfer points
    2. Announce in Newsletter
    3. Plan Community Conversation (perhaps with STAR and Third Street Merchants)
  5. February Newsletter Ideas
    1. Thank you about January 15 event
    2. Next event announcement
    3. Third Street Bridge Closure announcement
    4. Echoes of Building 123 Gallery Hours
    5. Shop Local: New Owner of Dry Cleaners
    6. Call for Board Members!