Agenda 12-03-2022

India Basin Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 9 AM (for December 3), via ZOOM

  1. Board Check in
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    • Wells Accounts: Savings $3,016.15; Checking $2,212.83.
    • Pay Pal: $170.27 (still need to do the access process)
    • APRI: APRI received a CEMEX donation of $1000.00 for IBNA, which paid for AGM and May Community Conversation. We have been reimbursed that by APRI (and it was deposited into checking above).
      • $1140.50 still at APRI for 2021-2022 Art on Innes project. Please turn in receipts!
      • $2000.00 CEMEX donated for 2023 “beautification and operational” projects.
      • What to do next? Survey people for ideas: Cleanup days, a mural?
    • Jill has not been paid for kayak expenses ($348.76) or ZOOM ($161.14) $509.90 (less $15 cash donation). OK to pay?
  3. December Newsletter to publish December 9  
    I will check on any upcoming events from APRI (tree giveaway) or Café Alma (Marketplace)
    • Entwined in GG Park (Charlie / Box Shop connection)
    • Home Match free service
    • Gardens growing (planters and by the Big Fish): Thank volunteers?
    • Need for Board Members
  4. Next Board meeting: January (confirm)