Meeting Minutes 10-02-2021

India Basin Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2021 

Called to order at 9:10 AM at Café Alma.

Attendance: Richard Laufman (meeting leader), Michael Hamman, Jill Fox, Sean Karlin (joined at 10 AM)

Approval of Meeting Minutes:   Jill requested a correction to September minutes that the donation from CEMEX for Art on Innes was $2400 not $2500. See:  https://www.indiabasin.org/meetings 

Treasurer’s Report:  Michael Hamman reported IBNA financial summary ending September 30, 2021:

Wells Checking                 3,407.33

PayPal Account                127.71

Wells Savings                   3.014.79

TOTAL CASH:                  6,549.83

Less restricted savings     1,840.00


Jill requested that the Operational Expenses in approved annual budget be used in the quarterly expense report, and include a YTD for each category, so that IBNA BOD is always aware of continuing needs when spending money.

Jill also asked that the Balance Sheet include the recently accepted $2400 donation for Art on Innes from CEMEX and being held at APRI.

Michael asked that Jill meet with him prior to the next Treasurer’s Report so that he can understand the request.

Secretary’s Report:  No correspondence this month.  

Project Updates – Old / On-going Business:  

India Basin Day

Jill shared that the planning committee meets every Thursday, 1 PM at IBSP. The event permit has been issued. The approved event map allows for kayak check-in, PFD fitting area, and kayak launch; up to 30 Resource organizations in “islands”; lawn games; RPD Extreme Sports on the basketball court; a SFPL book distribution; entertainment on the “stage” on the Bay Trail. No parking in the park the day of the event. There will be a movie on the lawn at sundown.

Volunteers needed! Jill will share the link to sign up to volunteer and signup for resource table. Please use the link.  Resource organizations discussed.

APRI will utilize a $5000 donation for food. They also are covering event insurance.

Kayaks Unlimited is set with boats, boaters, and PFDs.

IBNA responsible for the kayak support area. IBNA responsible for boating insurance, getting waivers signed at the event, outreach cards and banners, and trying to get resource participants.

Discussion on purchasing or renting tents and equipment. Motion by Richard, seconded by Michael and passed to let Jill use her discretion to spend up to the approved $2500 (but not on bags).

Discussion of what IBNA will have at the event. Determined to staff the kayak sign-in table and have IBNA banner, newsletter signup sheet, and possibly pass out IBNA postcards. Jill pointed out that there are no IBNA postcards.

Richard volunteered to do outreach to local schools Malcom X.

UPDATE: Jill found out on Monday after the meeting that Parks Alliance will supply bags for participants to fill with resource materials and books.

Art on Innes

Formerly Paint the Void and the Planters Project. Jill reminded everyone that a budget and reimbursement process from APRI was sent via email. The test mural installation is scheduled for Saturday, October 9 at 10 AM. Max to determine location. Because it conflicts with the Heron’s Head play area volunteer day, the mural install will just be the Board and friends, not a public event. This installation will be part of the “teaser” campaign to get interest on the actual installation event. Planters are ready for install. Michael to order plaques to acknowledge CEMEX financial support.

Neighborhood Violence

Sean continues working on correspondence with the Bayview Police captain.

October Newsletter

Send next week (to promote volunteer stuff)

India Basin Day updates (waiting on final outreach graphics) and call to volunteer

Shop Local: CEMEX

Meet our Neighbor: Sean Karlin (Sean to send info, picture, and link to Jill)

Herons Head playground volunteering (depending on publication date)

SFMTA Quick-build Survey

Candlestick Fun Run

Hudson Avenue (by the church) new building meeting

New Business: 

Hudson Avenue (by the church) new building meeting. Plans to build 3 buildings, a total of 9 units with 1-car garage per building. They are hosting a public meeting (virtual) on October 11. Promote in newsletter. Interested people should attend. Michael will invite developer to Nov meeting.

Evans Avenue Quick-Build between 3rd and Cesar Chavez

Guest Speaker:Adrien Heim, SFMTA Transportation Planner, Streets Division, Livable Streets. Our first “hybrid” meeting didn’t work as Café Alma is too noisy and Board wasn’t prepared with individual laptops. Decided to thank them for trying but not try to watch their presentation. IBNA will promote their meetings: Saturday 10/9 in person and online “town halls” and, if needed, invite them to attend Nov meeting in person.


Next meeting: November 6:

 Michael will run. Discussion but no decision on location. Jill explained that Café Alma is very noisy. If we have a meeting there can they turn off the music? Richard to check about using OCII meeting space. It would be hard to have a group discussion in the Café Alma space. Outside is too chancy in November. No decision made as to location.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:27 AM.  Submitted by Jill Fox