Minutes 1-09-2021

India Basin Neighborhood Association


January 9, 2021 @ 9:00 am Via ZOOM Meeting
Called to order at 9:00 am. Quorum met.


Attendees: Sean Karlin, Michael Hamman, Richard Laufman, David Springer, Jill Fox.  Absent: Max Khusid

December 2020 meeting minutes voted (unanimous) to approve and will be posted on the website. ACTION ITEM: Jill taking minutes for this meeting.


  • Fiscal sponsorship discussed. BOD has checked with non-profits Bayview Opera House, which charges 15% on donations, and with A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI), which will not charge IBNA a fee. APRI will be contacted when the need arises for a fiscal sponsor.
  • Future financial support. Jill is in discussion with past Gold-level sponsor CEMEX for future financial support. They are interested in possibly supporting the K-rail murals on Hunters Point Boulevard, the Bay Day event, and the Beautification Day events. Per request from CEMEX, ACTION ITEM: Sean to check with SFMTA concerning logistics and acknowledgement for businesses supporting the K-rail mural.
  • Expenses and budget. 2020 annual expenses and P&L statement submitted by Michael (as Treasurer). 2021 Operating Budget discussed, adjusted, and voted (unanimous) approved as obligated and additional expected expenses for a total of $2405.00 (see details below). ACTION ITEM: Credit card fees to be researched by David and Michael.
  • AGM. The 2021 AGM is set for February 27 online via Zoom. Invitations will be sent electronically AND via postal mail. Postal mail will also include a 2021 membership form, bios / photos of potential Board members, a ballot for voting for new Board members, and a stamped return envelope. Only members may vote. All 2020 memberships have been extended through 2021. All forms and bios also available on the website (ballots must be returned by mail). Voting deadline will be March 12. The Port of SF will present about waterfront resiliency and we may include other presentations as well as statements / bios from potential Board members. An in-person meeting / party will be scheduled when we can gather again, hopefully this summer or fall. ACTION ITEM: Sean to organize a separate AGM planning meeting.
  • Board member status. Board recruitment to begin via contacts, event attendees, newsletter, and FB. Because there was no AGM or Board vote in 2020, Seats 4-6 remained on the Board through 2020. There are six seats are to be voted for in this round.

These Seats will be voted for a two-year term to end in 2023:

Seat 4: Jill Fox, undecided

Seat 5: empty

Seat 6: Sean Karlin, running again

These Seats will be voted for a three-year term to end in 2024

Seat 7: Richard Laufman, running again

Seat 8: Michael Hamman, running again

Seat 9: Max Khusid, undecided


  1. UCSF Parnassus Height Expansion petition: Voted (4 yes, Jill no) to promote but not to support as an organization
  2. Illegal dumping in the Bayview petition: Voted (unanimous) to promote and to support as an organization
  3. 700 Innes support at BCDC: Voted (unanimous) to send a letter of support to BCDC. ACTION ITEM: Michael will draft the letter and Jill will send.


  • Adopt-a-Street / Beautification set for January 23. Voted (unanimous) to continue events through the year. Establishing a regular day (third Saturday) will make it easier for people to plan. David volunteers to continue to pay for the “treats” until a sponsor can be found. ACTION ITEM: David will connect with DPW about equipment and needs for in-advance waivers. David and Jill will promote event. Also, discussed that the Build, Inc property has unsafe sidewalks and a general litter and week problem. While we have asked for cleanup before, our requests have been ignored. ACTION ITEM: Jill to write letter inviting Build Inc to clean up their property (perhaps by sponsoring a Beautification Day and opening property for community to help clean) and also to do something about their sidewalk.
  • Sideshows. Discussed recent “sideshow” happenings. Agreed that it is important to figure out why this is happening to help in prevention, rather than just punishing offenders.
  • Quick-build Traffic Calming. Determined to be vocal about objection to SFMTA design for Hunters Point Boulevard and Innes. Especially that their design is insufficient for solving traffic issues and may make traveling the streets more dangerous. Discussed ideas on how best to convey concerns. ACTION ITEM: Using talking points from IBNA letter to Quick-build team, Sean to draft letter to Mayor, Walton, SFMTA head, SFMTA Commission about issues of concern especially lack of bike lanes, center lane danger, speeding, and lack of crosswalks.
  • Mural Project. Date for K-rail mural painting tentatively scheduled for March 27. Sean is on the selection committee; no artists have been chosen yet. He is striving for there to be quality.
  • Bike Lanes. Working on getting the Scenic Route completed. Biggest obstacle is across the edge of what will be Northside Park. Reaching out to OCII, Michael has been trying to connect with the right person at Five Points, eventual owner of the property, for them to grant permission to complete the bike lane / Bay Trail across the space.  Jill also suggested getting Association of Bay Area Governments involved with exactly what “responsibility” would be so Five Point will know what they are signing on to. ACTION ITEM: Bike Committee to get exact measurements.  
  • Rescue SF. They are continuing workshops. All District, except 11, have representative organizations. Looking toward ways to get people housed, such as ADU and mobile home community spaces.
  • IBIP art sign. Sean wrote an article that is published in 48 Hills. RPD has apparently refused the sign. Discussed ways to encourage RPD to reconsider, especially by going to the Commission. ACTION ITEM: Michael will check with commissioner he knows to see best plan of action. Sean also reaching out to David Chiu for ideas.
  • 900 Innes Park. Jill reported that the contract for environmental cleanup of 900 Innes was approved at the December Recreation and Park Commission meeting. Contracting will take about 3 months. Demo and cleanup should begin in March or April and last several months. During public comment Jill asked that the neighbors be made aware of who to call if they see anything amiss during this project. The plan calls for the area to have a completed bike path / Bay Trail that can be used while waiting for the new park installation.
  • Sewer construction. No details have been discovered on the upcoming sewer work mentioned in a recent letter to Michael from O’Shaunnesy Construction.


Facebook Followers (382 + 38 in Dec)

Newsletter Subscribers (155 + 11 in Dec)

January Newsletter Subjects

  1. Join the Board
  2. Beautification Day
  3. UCSF petition
  4. Illegal dumping petition
  5. Substation Plaza Survey extended to Feb 1

Discussed moving meeting time to 8:30. Need to confirm with people who were not on the call (David left the meeting at 10:30, Max absent).

Meeting adjourned at 11:57 am

Next meeting: February 6, 2021

India Basin Neighborhood Association 2021 Basic Operational Budget


P.O. Box Rental                                           190.00

Website Host Fee                                        400.00                       

Pay Pal Processing Fee                               15.00

            Zoom Business Account                            200.00

Credit Card Processing Fee                       150.00


Meeting Expenses                                       250.00

Membership Recruitment Expense          250.00

AGM (event per bylaws)                             750.00

Organizational Outreach                            200.00                                                                                                                                                           

APPROVED TOTAL                                         $ 2405.00