April 6, 2019

Present: J.Fox, S.Karlin, M.Hamman, R. Laufman, M.Padilla-Stemmelen and D. Springer

Quorum: Met

Board Check-In

  • Block 52 & 54 presentation on 4/7/19 HP-CAC


  • Chair Report
    • SFCUU: Reports that Innes and Gilman poles are the oldest in San Francisco
    • Kayak Event scheduled for October 12th
  • Treasurer’s report:
    • 2 new business memberships
  • Membership:
    • Clarification on color coding system


  • New business: Cafe Alma SF – In partnership with Build Inc. & KRISTIN HOUK will open in the old Zebra Awning location sometime at the end of summer.


  • June Quarterly Event.
  • Theme: Changes are Coming
    • Line-up: Alma Cafe, Recology, DPW (tbd), Clean Power, South East MUNI expansion project, Bayview CBTP
  • Thinking ahead: Preparing StoreHouse space to project
  • Aurelius Walker x Hudson: Rec & Park responsible
    • Call 911 or 311 to create a record with the city.
    • Michael will share Rec & Park contacts and exact Arelious Walker address.
  • Bayview CAC: 4200 3rd & 818 Innes delayed as new members appointed by Supervisor


  • Website:
    • First, follow up with current webmaster (Steve). If he is unresponsive we will bring new webmaster.
    • Instal SSL to site for security.
  • Sponsorship:
    • Create newsletter 3 times a year. January, May, and September to lead into IBNA’s 3 yearly events, AGM, June Quarterly, and Kayak.
    • J. Fox to write Chair opinion piece
    • M. Hamman to write land use essay.
    • No newsletter service, other than Google Groups to be used, yet.
  • Facebook access / Facebook voice:
    • Facebook passwords and management to be shared with all board members.
    • All passwords to be held electronically.
    • One member to act as FB caretaker (S. Karlin)

IBNA positions

  • Posh Green:
    • IBNA will hold off on further action pending the 828 Innes HOA decision on whether or not to create a “good neighbor” agreement with Posh Green.
    • IBNA may act as a moderator to create “good neighbor” agreement.
    • Permit comes up for commission approval at 828 Innes Avenue for the cannabis dispensary to be held on May 2nd at 1:00pm room 400 City Hall San Francisco.
    • IBNA may ask for the commission to move the permit decision to a later date as we work out agreement with Posh Green and 828 Innes HOA.
  • 900 Innes historical buildings and waterfront.
  • A vote was taken that at the April 16th Rec & Parks meeting IBNA will present support for the preservation of all historic structures, docks, and marine ways associated with the boat building operation at 900 Innes. This infrastructure should be incorporated into the future park design  as an important part of California’s history.
  • Motion: Michael Hamman. Second Jill Fox. Unanimous decision to uphold the motion(J.Fox, S.Karlin, M.Hamman, R. Laufman, and D. Springer, vote ‘yes’. M.Padilla-Stemmelen absent from vote).)


  • Meeting adjourned  12:20 pm.