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Board of Directors Meeting

January 7, 2017


  • Call to order – Determine Quorum and welcome members


  • Approval of Meeting Minutes:   Meeting minutes from December 3, 2016


  • Board Member Check-in: (10 minutes or less)


  • Chair’s Report:  by Tori & Sean
  • Treasurer’s Report:  by Allen Frazier.


  • Secretary’s Report:  by Mónica Padilla-Stemmelen.
  • Correspondence:


        1. Statement of Principles (for Planning Commission)
          1. Build Inc project
          2. Transportation
        2. 2nd Thursday in February CAC


  • Other Reports:
  • Update: Build Inc. Following the Working Group Meeting on 12/19


  • Old / On-going Business:
  • New Business:


    1. Date: Saturday, March 4th
    2. AGM location
      1. Laughing Monk/Seven Stills
        1. Tori reaching out to book
          1. Decorations: Christmas Lights
    3. Easter Egg Hunt
      1. April 15th
      2. Tori: Printing
      3. Jill: SFUSD


  • Adjournment.  (10:00 AM)


India Basin Town Hall: An open and frank discussion with members of the community about the Build development presentation.

  • Little review of Build Inc plan
  • Review of goals –  how they came from this community
  • Discussion will use goals as the organizing principles (I mentioned this to Courtney and she agreed that would be a good way to give them feedback)
  • In each category:
  • Ask what people like
  • Ask what people have concerns about
  • Ask what people want more information about
  • Ask what people feel is the priority (what we want to ask from Build Inc)