Neighborhood Newsletter

Parks and Plants: Volunteer Opportunity

Can you give a few hours a month – at your convenience – to make a real difference in our park?

India Basin Shoreline Park has been invited to join ParkScan, a project of the Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC).

You will receive a simple training in the park, arranged to fit your schedule. Then at least once a month (or more often, if you want) you will inspect the park and fill out an on-line form about maintenance needs at the park. NPC promises that this method gets an excellent response from the Rec and Park Department. They recommend that people form a team to do this, but that would be up to you. There may be some opportunities to meet with ParkScan folks from other parks, if you want… or this can be something you do just for our community.

Please let NPC know if you are interested. It would be great for someone to step up on this cool opportunity! Check out ParkScan at