Agenda 06-26-2023

India Basin Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Monday, June 26, 2023, 9 AM (for July 1) via ZOOM

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  1. Board Check in: Lee Ann, Bill, Max: Have you renewed for 2023?
  • Quarterly Financial Report

                Wells Fargo Savings:       $ 3018.60

                Wells Fargo Checking:    $   814.66 (mothing outstanding)

                APRI on account:               $ 3140.50 (for Art on Innes and operational expenses)

  • June 3, AGM Recap. Attendance: 36

Space Rental                                  Peerspace                                             $61.20     Reimbursed to Jill        

Cards/Boards                                VistaPrint                                            $167.25     Reimbursed to Jill        

Postage              USPS      $48.00 Reimbursed to Jill              Member Forms                Bay Copy              $8.72              Reimbursed to Jill              

Hello tags / Tape                          Office Depot                                         $22.73     Reimbursed to Jill        

Food/ Beer/ Cups/ Plates         Lucky Bayview                                   $229.67     Reimbursed to Richard

Total Costs                                                                          $537.57                                     

  • Development news: 
    • Build, Inc dirt
    • 1039 Hudson
  • Beautification activities:
    • Another Paint the Void available
    • Planting event?
    • New mural / planter option (Innes and Griffith)
  • India Basin walk: Vote to determine if this is an IBNA event?
  • Mike’s movie nights: Vote to determine if this is an IBNA event?
  • Vote for approval: Sending letter to Port, Illuminate, Walton concerning Bayview Rise maintenance.
  • July Newsletter (to publish July 10)
    • Build, Inc dirt news, possible Art on Innes event; Membership drive; New Farm event; any neighbors, business, or history to highlight?