Agenda 08-09-2022

India Basin Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, August 9, 9 AM (for August 6), via ZOOM

  1. Board Check in
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Need to transfer Treasurer responsibilities
  3. Identify future Board members and strategy for getting volunteers
  4. Update “What’s Happening” schedule on website
  5. Discuss any strategy / priorities on Build, Inc meeting
  6. August Newsletter to publish Aug 10
  7. New Oyster Reef at India Basin
  8. Wild Oyster Project’s Neighborhood Connection
  9. Mural install August 13
  10. Backpack Giveaway August 13
  11. Movie night in IBSP August 19
  12. Where to find information about the former Hunters Point Shipyard
  13. EDP Housing Security Goal
  14. Next Board meeting: September 10 (confirm)