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Agenda Annual General Meeting, 2/2/12


Annual General Meeting

February 02, 2012

  1. Call to order – Welcome members and guests – Michael Hamman
  1. Recognition – Acknowledge & thank Forrest & Speakeasy for hosting AGM
  1. IBNA’s 2011 Accomplishments: by Michael Hamman.

a. Mtgs w/ most Mayoral candidates in recognition of IBNA as representative of the neighborhood

b. Egg Hunt-largest turnout ever

c. IBNA hosted neighborhood-wide mtg re homeless encampments

d. IBNA called for mtgs w/ DPW & other heads of City Depts re conditions in our neighborhood, resulting in clean-ups & more focus on our needs


  1. IBNA’s 2012 Goals: by Michael Hamman / Jill Fox / Sue Ellen Smith

a. Assist SF Rec & Parks acquire boatyard

b. Help us choose goals for 2012 – use large Post-It for ideas

  1. IBNA Business Sponsors: by Sue Ellen Smith

a. Call for businesses to join as sponsors

b. Welcome to Bay Natives as newest sponsor (w/ Grand Opening in March)

6. Announcements: by Jill Fox

a. Call for neighborhood announcements / input from attendees

7. Election: by Jill Fox

a. Votes for three Board positions