AGM AGENDA 03-07-2015


Annual General Meeting

March 7, 2015


  1. Call to order – Welcome members,guests, & introduce Board – Sue Ellen Smith


Capt. Robert O’Sullivan, Mawuli Tugbenyoh for Malia Cohen


  1. Recognition – Acknowledge & thank Forrest & Speakeasy for hosting AGM


  1. IBNA’s 2014 Accomplishments: by Sue Ellen Smith.
  2. 15th Annual Egg Hunt – great turnout w/ 50+ kids;
  3. IBNA hosted free kayaking day w/ America’s True w/ largest turnout ever;

help from Recology & Bay Kayakers, Bo Barnes,

  1. IBNA succeeded in having the City purchase 900 Innes for a waterfront park,

and now has 2 members on the Mayor’s Task Force for India Basin                                    Waterfront Parks Vision Plan.

  1. IBNA strengthened bonds w/ other neighborhood organizations, including

Better Bayview, BRITE, Eastern Waterfront Neighborhood Association,

Mendell Plaza, Dogpatch Neighborhood Ass’n,         and others.



  1. IBNA’s 2015 Goals: by _________
  2. Participate in Mayor’s Task Force for India Basin Waterfront – progress is

being made & bike path should come soon!

  1.    Continue participation with Build Inc. as development plans move forward.


  1. NERT Training: by Sean Karlin



  1. Join Us: by Michael Hamman
  2. Call for more memberships – join us in improving the neighborhood!                          Announcements / input from attendees on Post-its



  1. 7. Election: by Sue Ellen Smith
  2.       Votes for three Board positions / any floor nominations?