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AGM Minutes 3-5-2016


Board of Directors Meeting

March 5, 2016


  1. Call to order – Determine Quorum and welcome members – 3:00 p.m.


  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes: From February 6, 2015 (via email) – 3:05


  1. Board Member Discussion: 3:15

Discuss about voting eligibility.

Board voted to accept anyone who lives or works in India basin, and fills out the correct paperwork can become a voting member of IBNA. No proof or identification is needed until we change our by-laws.

In favor: Steve LaPlant, Michael Hamman, Nicole Bowler, Pauline Peele, Tori Freeman, Richard Laufman

Against: Sean Karlin

Abstain: Sue Ellen Smith


  1. Set-Up: by Board – 3:45


  1. Treasurer’s Report: submitted via email; no action


  1. Greeting by Chair; re-cap of IBNA achievements: (5 minutes) – 5:05


  1. Introduction of Board Candidates: (2 minutes each) – 5:15

Kristine Enea

Tori Freeman

Ellsworth Jennison

Michael Hamman

Monica Padilla-Stemmelen

Sue Ellen Smith

  1. Mingle by Board Candidates – 5:30


  1. VOTE. – 5:30


  1. Vote Count – 6:00



2016 Elected Board Members:Monica Padilla-Stemmelen (1), Sue Ellen Smith (2), Tori Freeman (3),