IBNA Comments to SFMTA on 2020 Bayview Quick-build

September 21, 2020

TO: Bayview Quick Build
FROM: The India Basin Neighborhood Association
RE: Comments on Street Design
Hello Bayview Quick Build Project Team,

On September 12 the India Basin Neighborhood Association (IBNA) hosted a virtual Community Conversation about the Bayview Quick Build. Please accept these suggestions as IBNA feedback on your proposed Street Design.

Our goal is to give a safe, residential feel to our main corridor. We hope this project will calm traffic, limit sideshow activity, discourage double parking, and make is safer to walk and bike in our neighborhood. A big concern of ours in your draft design was the lack of a safe way to bike along Innes Avenue.

According to a Summer 2020 survey conducted by Bay Wheels about biking in the Bayview, “Top Barriers to bikeshare” are:

1. I already have my own bike
2. Riding a bike doesn’t work for the places I need to go
3. Not enough bike lanes

And “Important Issues When Thinking About bikeshare” are:

1. Bike availability
2. Improving and/or adding bike lanes
3. Making bikes available to all income levels

While we are not endorsing Bay Wheels, we imagine that how people feel about bikeshare aligns with how people feel about biking in the Bayview in general. We believe that our suggestions below, added to the designs you’ve already developed, will go a long way to meeting our safety goals, and making our neighborhood more walking and biking friendly.

Feel free to contact me, on behalf of IBNA, if you need clarification or have any questions or want to participate in a meeting to discuss. Thank you for your consideration.

Evans Avenue and Hunters Point Blvd:

Prefer Option 1 with the following additions:

  1. Create 2-way bike lane on the hill side of the street, from Middle Point / Jennings, protected by K Rails (eliminates bike lane on water side).
  2. Add funding and / or support funding for art project on the K Rails.
  3. Add a crosswalk across Hunters Point Blvd to the India Basin Shoreline Park pedestrian entrance. Add “Stop for Pedestrians” signs the intersections.
  4. Add concrete median extension to the Hawes Triangle. Alternatively, add or confirm that there are Safety Hits around the painted yellow median at the tip of The Hawes Triangle property.

Hawes Triangle:

  1. Create 2-way bike lane on the hill side of Hawes and then right angle left turn on Innes to improve safety. This will mean no bike lane along Hunters Point Blvd by the triangle, as bike riders claim it is dangerous.
  2. Allow parking on water side of Hunters Point Blvd from Innes to Hudson (because no bike lane).
  3. Consider allowing parking on Hunters Point Blvd along The Triangle (depending on road configuration and space).

Innes Avenue (Hunters Point Boulevard to Donahue):

  1. Add crosswalks in all 4 directions of Innes and Griffith.

2. Add concrete medians at Griffith, Arelious Walker, and Donahue. Alternatively, add or confirm that there are Safety Hits around the painted yellow medians at each of these intersections. Either way, add “Stop for Pedestrians” signs in the medians at each of these intersections.

3. Add diagonal parking places on Arelious Walker

4. Create 2-way bike lane on the hill side of the street from Donahue to Hawes. Suggested configuration of Innes Avenue [assuming width of Innes Avenue is 80 feet]:

  • Water side (even numbers addresses)
  • Sidewalk                                      10 feet
  • Parking                                         10 feet
  • Travel                                            11 feet
  • Painted turn / Median           10 feet
  • Travel                                            11 feet
  • Parking                                         10 feet
  • 2-way Bike Lane                        8 feet
  • Sidewalk                                      10 feet
  • Hill side (odd numbered addresses)