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IBNA Minutes 10-1-2011


Board of Directors Meeting

October 01, 2011


9:19AM Meeting Called to order: Quorum Present.

Members Present: Michael Hamman, Jill Fox, Brian Stott, Richard Laufman, Sue Ellen Smith, and Pauline Peele (via telephone).

Members Absent: Bob Lake, Katharyn Altamore and Robert Van Houten.


9:20AM Approval of 9/10/11 Meeting Minutes:

Motion made by RL, 2d by BS, unanimously approved.


9:21AM Chairman’s Report:

a. Mayoral Debate @ Bayview Opera House: MH reports that Dennis Herrera complimented IBNA for its community work during this debate.

9:22AM b. Website: MH displayed revised “test” IBNA website. Board members made suggestions for additional changes; MH will do & report back. Also, training will be scheduled for Board members to learn site maintenance.

9:47AM c. 900 Innes Cottage:MH had conversation w/ Karl Hasz re the Cottage.

K. Hasz sits on the Historical Preservation Comm. & has been designated as our contact to move along the issues w/ the Cottage. K. Hasz admitted to MH that he has done work w/ Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which is a conflict of interest. K. Hasz also told MH that THC has solicited one roof bid from Lawson Roofing (who also does business w/ THC) in the amt. Of

$20,000, and asked MH to have IBNA donate funds to help defray this cost. JF advises MH to contact Charles Chase, head of Hist. Pres. Comm. & let him know of conflict – possibly also let City Atty. know of this. MH will also let Bldg. Insp. Comm. know of this situation.

9:50AM d. Report on Meeting w/ PG&E: MH had conversation with Mr. Ortez, the Dir. of Public Outreach for PG&E. Ortez seems well-connected, & told MH that PG&E has no plans for property development on the old power plant site, but has a 7 – 10 year “interim usage” plan to install modular bldgs on the upper tank lot and rent them to emerging businesses for 2-3 months at a time. MH told him that would be unfeasible (who would want to move in for that short a time?). Ortez also reports that 35′ of pipeline easement running through tank lot must stay clear, & that “people” are pressing PG&E to build a shed over the existing substation (IBNA opposes this).


10:10AM Treasurer’s Report:

RVH submitted financial spreadsheets via e-mail in advance of mtg.



10:11 AM Secretary’s Report:

10:15AM a. Correspondence: Peter Albert letter. SES presented revised ltr (w/ text fr. both MH & JF ltrs) to P. Albert re proposed Hudson Ave. bridge. Extensive & lively debate. SES to make changes as approved by Board.

10:26AM b. Correspondence: Bay Natives; TY ltrs: JF expresses frustration that Bay Natives ltr. went out late; SES explained confusion after last mtg. & MH reports that he faxed ltr. on day of Comm. hearing. SES reports all TY ltrs to Dufty, Avalos & Yeung went out, & will do TY to M. Nuru.



10:35AM Other Reports:

10:35AM a. Report of meeting with Director of DPW: MH, JF, SES, & PP met w/ Mohammed Nuru, Interim Dir. of DPW. All agreed it was productive, & led to M. Nuru scheduling a Neighborhood walk-through w/ several SF Dept. heads, where we can point out blight & neglect. MH has asked IBNA membership & Board to compile “punchlist” of items for this purpose. Walk-through is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 8AM – 10AM, meet in Shoreline Park.

10:45AM b. DPW stairs update: MH reports that he has made several requests to Lila Hussain for release of the 2 proposed stair designs, to no avail. JF said L. Hussain has done all the work herself & cannot do weekend mtgs; perhaps if MH asks for designs to disperse to membership, she may do it.

9:21AM c. Update on Web Site: see Chairman’s Report above.

10:50AM d. Update on Membership: BS will submit updated membership list to MH w/in 2 weeks, and will ask sponsors (biz members) for a .jpg which may be uploaded to new website.


10:51AM Old Business: see correspondence above re P. Albert ltr.


10:52AM New Business:

a. Discuss & approve Hudson Pathway Statement – see Sec. Rep’t above.

10:52AM b. Move to declare Bob lake’s seat vacant. Discussion; Motion to Vacate made by JF; 2d by BS; all approved. MH to notify BL & ask him to remain member-at-large. Board to consider other candidates who may be appointed to fill seat for BL’s term.

10:59AM c. Discussion re trees on Fitch: MH discussed w/ Chris Buck (Dept of Urban Forestry, Div. of Street Use & Mapping, DPW. Owner should be cited for not maintaining trees.




11:09AM Future Agendas/Announcements.

JF announces that she will be taking a temporary hiatus from Board mtgs., as she is starting a new job, doing free-lance work, & taking her son on weekend college tours. Board expresses its appreciation for her hard work, & will welcome her back to mtgs when she is able. JF will stay on Board & participate via e-mail, & will participate in web training.


Also, JF announced that she attended the recent Mayoral debate (not Bayview Opera House) & that none of the candidates mentioned IBNA.


SES announced that Thursday, Oct. 29th, the day after IBNA mtg w/ M. Nuru, a black trash toter was placed at bus stop on Innes @ Galvez, & on Friday, a 3-man DPW crew was cleaning up Innes Ave. near Hudson.


11:20AM Adjournment.