IBNA Minutes 11-5-2011


Board of Directors Meeting

November 05, 2011


9:40AM Meeting Called to order: Quorum Present.

Members Present: Michael Hamman, Richard Laufman, Kathryn Altamore, Sue Ellen Smith, and Brian Stott.

Members Absent: Jill Fox, Pauline Peele, and Robert Van Houten.



9:42AM Approval of 10/10/11 Meeting Minutes:

Motion made by RL, seconded by BS; unanimously approved as amended to note that KA was absent at last meeting.


9:43AM Chairman’s Report:

a. Walk with Director DPW on 10/18/11: MH reported an excellent walk w/ Mohammed Nuru & other SF City Dept. heads from Park to Earl St. M. Nuru disliked run-down cottage; started clean-up on Fitch, & will pursue reimbursement from owners. MH to follow-up on 11/15/11.


9:57AM Treasurer’s Report:

RVH submitted financial spreadsheets via e-mail in advance of mtg.


10:01AM Secretary’s Report:

a. Correspondence: SES made approved changes to P. Albert ltr & ltr went out. Per Board request, SES will do TY ltr to K. Bonner re clean-up.


10:03AM Other Reports:

a. Update on Web Site: MH reports that he & SES have worked w/ Steve of Red Rice Bowl Design on the new website. MH previewed website for Board & accepted suggestions for website changes. Motion to take new website live b/4 next Board mtg. made by KA; seconded by RL; all approved. Motion to offer Steve “lifetime” IBNA business membership in exchange for his gratis website work made by KA; seconded by RL; all approved. MH & SES to continue working on website.

10:07AM b. Stair design: MH reports that DPW offered 2 designs; MH wrote a ltr. as an individual offering a 3rd design alternative w/ bench & landing.

10:09AM c. Update on Membership: BS has no new updates. BS will use new website as marketing tool at the AGM, showing businesses how they will receive free promotion as part of supporting IBNA.


10:10AM Old Business:



10:11AM New Business:

a. AT&T U-Verse Boxes: MH will talk to Joe Boss of Dogpatch Neighborhood Ass’n about how they blocked boxes there. MH will invite AT&T to attend a future IBNA mtg; will also invite Dogpatch neighbors & D. Herrera.

10:25AM b. 501(c)(3): Board discussed reality of securing 501(c)(3) status, including requirement of filing income tax forms, etc. SES made motion to drop pursuing 501(c)(3) status; KA seconded; all approved. MH to ask K. Enea to write ltr to Sec. of State putting process on hold.

10:35AM c. AGM: will be held on 2/2/12 @ 6PM at Speakeasy Brewery again. Need to replace BL & possibly PP, if she doesn’t continue on the Board. All other Board members will remain.


10:45AM Future Agendas.

a. Meet w/ Navy: MH will see if Navy will meet w/ gen’l IBNA membership re clean-up process – no dog & pony show!

b. Meet w/ PG&E: MH will explore having PG&E meet w/ gen’l IBNA membership about their plans for the former power plant site.


10:50AM Adjournment.