IBNA Minutes 5-7-2011


Board of Directors Meeting

May 07, 2011


9:05AM Meeting Called to order. Quorum Present.

Members Present: Michael Hamman, Jill Fox, Brian Stott, Pauline Peele, Kathryn Altamore, Richard Laufman, Robert Van Houten, Sue Ellen Smith.

Members Absent: Bob Lake.


9:10AM Approval of 4/2/11 Meeting Minutes: JF suggests one correction. MH made motion to approve as amended; KA seconded; all approved.


9:15AM Chairman’s Report:

MH reports that w/in a month, we should have a date for a mtg re the Arelious Walker (Fitch) stairway repair. MH also thanks members for their work on the Egg Hunt. RVH also leads the board in thanking KA for her efforts in securing permits, the SFFD participation, etc.


9:25AM Treasurer’s Report:

RVH submitted financial spreadsheet via e-mail in advance of mtg.


9:35AM Secretary’s Report:

    1. Correspondence:

Egg Hunt Thank you letters to go to:

David Gavrich (City Grazing); David Gavrich (SF Bay Rail); _______ (PG&E); Bob Pinkard (Surfside Liquors); Shehab Legyaghi (Pump It Up). SES needs contact names/titles where indicated. Also, need list of egg donors if TY letters are to go to them as well.

General Thank you letter to go to: Dennis Herrera; Michela Alioto- Pier,Mayoral candidates (JF provided address info).


9:45AM Other Reports:

    1. Update on Web Site: MH receives some good feedback on revised website; others still need to review. Add .pdfs of mtg minutes?
    2. Update on Membership: BS provides names of new and renewing members and their dues ($195) rec’d to RVH. RFJ Meiswinkel is a new business member. BS to begin outreach to lapsed members, & will begin placing a donation box at Speakeasy’s IBNA Nights (3d Fridays).
    3. Inclusion on SFPD’s e-mail list: PP to contact SFPD’s Bayview Station re including IBNA events & contact info in their e-mail newsletter.


10:00AM Old Business:

    1. Egg Hunt: JF raises issue of feeling overloaded w/ responsibilities, & urges other members to take on more duties for the Egg Hunt, or else we should consider not doing it in the future. PP notes that there are other egg hunts that day, resulting in competition for IBNA, and others agree we can do a better job publicizing ours. Agree to re-visit this issue in February 2012 to decide fate of Egg Hunt for next year.
    2. Establish format for meeting w/ Michela & Melia: Board agrees that using the “Top 3” issue format used w/ Dennis Herrera worked well, and want to use this format for all politico mtgs. JF suggests a standard question: after which recent mayor would you model your style as a mayor? MH will begin mtg w/ gen’l overview, then move mtg into the Top 3 topics.


10:15AM New Business:

    1. Purchase of Canopy: MH submitted an Issue Briefing Paper (IBP) to Board in advance of mtg. JF borrowed one from the PTA for use at the Egg Hunt; will investigate where they purchased it/how much, etc. Issue tabled until next mtg.
    2. BlueGreenway Bicycle Tour: JF reports that on 6/25/11, a bicycle tour of the BlueGreenway will run from Warm Water Cove to Shoreline Park. The group would also love to go through the Shipyard, if anyone has contacts there (RL provided Keith Forman’s contact info). JF suggests that IBNA “table” the event to provide more info about our group and its vision for the area.
    3. RPD acquisition update: JF reports that request for funding for bulletin board at Shoreline Park will be submitted; request for consideration of Historic Boatyard as one of the brownfield clean up sites is submitted.


10:40AM Future Agendas.

a. Canopy

b. Grant for Park


10:45AM Adjournment. Meeting opened to general membership.


11:05AM Meet with Michela Alioto-Pier, Mayoral candidate, to discuss issues of IBNA concern.

    1. Future Development
    2. Acquisitions of Parcels for parks, urban farms, etc.
    3. Quality of Life (city services, programs, etc.)

Successful informal mtg w/ Michaela Alioto-Pier, who was impressed w/ IBNA’s hard work on the vision, and surprised by the basic needs of our community.