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Minutes 02-03-2018

Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

February 3, 2018


  • Call to order – Determine Quorum and welcome members



  • Approval of Meeting Minutes:   Meeting minutes from January 6, 2018



  • Board Member Check-in: (10 minutes or less)



  • Chair’s Report: by Sue Ellen
  • Treasurer’s Report:  by Allen Frazier.



  • Secretary’s Report:  by Mónica Padilla-Stemmelen.



  • Other Reports:
  • N/A



  • Old / On-going Business:
  • AGM


          1. Vote on location: The StoreHouse Meeting at 451 Galvez
          2. Time: 3pm to 5:00pm on 2/24
          3. Outreach:
            1. Shipyard: Curiosity Atlas
            2. Shipyard Presentation at StoreHouse
            3. Shipyard Facebook Group
            4. NextDoor
            5. Flyer & Banners
            6. E-mail


  • Status of IBNA


        1. Allen moves to file non-profit paperwork
        2. Sean seconds; all in favor (Richard, Jill and Mónica)


  • New Business:


      1. 1550 Evans Proposal
        1. Reach out to Linda Richardson


  • Future Agenda Items


      1. Storage Space for Kayaks
      2. PG&E Power Undergrounding


  • IBNA branding & website



  • Adjournment.