Minutes 1-2-2016


Board of Directors Meeting

January 2, 2016


  1. 9:10 amCall to order

Present: Sue Ellen Smith, Michael Hamman, Pauline Peele, Tori Freeman, Steve La Plante, Sean Karlin.

Absent: Richard Laufman, Nicole Bowler, Allen Frazier.


  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes: From December 5, 2015 – To be approved at next meeting.


  1. 9:15- Board Member Check-in:


  1. 9:17Chair’s Report: by Sue Ellen Smith – To meet with Mayor’s Task Force about 900 Innes in late January.

January 22 Build Inc. Working Group meeting.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: by Allen Frazier. –


  1. 9:35Secretary’s Report: by Sean Karlin.

1) Letter sent to Capt. Vaswani about training with sirens (positive response)

2) Letter sent to DPW about Sidewalks (no response)

3) Letter sent to White Cap about trucks on Jennings (no response)

  1. Correspondence
  2. i. Thank you letters: N/A


  1. Other Reports:
    1. 9:40 – Update on the Eastern Waterfront Neighbors – Sean Karlin, Pauline Peele – Next meeting on January 25th.


  1. Old / On-going Business:
    1. 9:42 – Planning for AGM

Hold meeting on March 5th at The Midway from 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Preparation: Space & beer donations (Tori).

Post cards from Cab. Label blank side (Tori & Sean).

Ballots (Sean).

Call for candidates (Sean).

Letter to dignitaries (Sean & Sue Ellen).

Email blast, Facebook invitation, Evite (Sean & Tori)

  1. New Business:
    1. 10:16 – Revision of IBNA Bylaws – Sub-committee headed by Michael Hamman and assisted by Steve La Plante, Pauline Peele and Sean Karlin, to finalize revisions to IBNA bylaws.
    2. 10:54 – Statement requesting SFPD non-lethal protocol – Sue Ellen Smith to draft letter to Capt. Vaswani.
    3. 11:00 – Motion by Michael Hamman to approve the revisions on Article 3, Sections 1 and 4 was seconded by Steve La Plante. For: Michael Hamman, Pauline Peele and Steve La Plante. Against: Sue Ellen Smith, Sean Karlin and Tori Freeman. Vote did not pass.


  1. (11:30 AM)