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Minutes 4-1-17

Meeting Notes

Board of Directors Meeting

April 1, 2017


Call to order – Determine Quorum and welcome members


  • Approval of Meeting Minutes:   Meeting minutes from January 4, 2017


  • Board Member Check-in: (10 minutes or less)


  • Chair’s Report: by Sean
  • Treasurer’s Report:  by Allen Frazier – To be reviewed May 6, 2017


  • Secretary’s Report:  by Mónica Padilla-Stemmelen.


  • Other Reports:
  • Update: EPA grant (Sue-Ellen)


        1. Case closed


  • IRS standing (Allen)


      1. Jill makes motion, Steve seconded, to authorize Allen to file applicable forms by June 3, 2017
        1. Board approves
        2. Note: we have not filed a statement of existence with the state since 2013 – Last filing shows Hamman as chair, Smith as Secretary and Allen as Treasurer.


  • Old / On-going Business:


      1. Easter Egg Hunt (Jill)
        1. Jill abstains
        1. Allen makes a motion to cancel event for this year


  • Organize Board – Choose 2017 Chair


        1. Steve motions, Tori seconds, to keep board as is


  • IBNA Neighborhood Resolution – Move to next month’s agenda
  • New Business:
  • NERT & Neighborhood Watch Event (Anietie) – Keep on May 6, 2017 agenda
  • Tour PG&E park Sean to schedule
  • Adjournment.  (10:42 AM)



  • Michael Hamman presenting on Recology

Action: Sean – Letter from IBNA to (port) about design of Recology. Less noise, more attractive.

Demand Cargo Way (gets an owner) gets improved –


Ideas to not forget:

Backpack giveaway stuff IBNA flyers in backpacks