Minutes 4_07_2018

India Basin Neighborhood Association


April 7, 2018

Meeting Called to Order at ITEM 1. 9:00 am- 9:20: CHECK IN

Attendance: Board Members: Jill Fox, Sean Karlin, Monica Padilla-Stemmelen, Allen Frazier, Michael Hamman, Richard Laufman (Quorum). Later joined by community members.

, Roll Call / Quorum

Minutes of March 3 approved. Review / Approve Last Minutes

Treasurer Report: After discussion, determined that May Board meeting would include long discussion of banking, bookkeeping, and use of Pay Pal. Allen will contact bookkeeper Michael C to invite him to attend.

Board Member Check-in / Announcements NOT on the Agenda: Suggestion from Richard to re-start the Speakeasy IBNA happy hours (Dates to be determined). Allen continues to work on the newsletter concept. Jill requests search for more final version of Community Vision. Michael believes he has a copy.


Chair duties transfer status.

Jill still waiting for a copy of the mailbox key. Sean refuses to share the key but promises to check the mailbox and provide it to Jill. to check mail weekly

Treasurer Report

  • Need: Paypal Membership

Membership Status: Jill shares current membership list of 24 paid members. Asks Board members to confirm their contact information and pay their dues.

Website update status:

In progress, Sean presented 1st website draft

March Correspondence (PG&E Walkway Erosion: Monica to complete task to sharing letter to members. Underground Utilities: Jill explains that IBNA has joined the citywide Coalition to Support Undergrounding Utilities. She will send the formal letter this month and will be the IBNA contact with the organization.)

ITEM 3. 9:40 – 10:00 – BOARD BUSINESS

Discuss and decide whether Board meetings are open, when, and to whom, or not

Allen F. makes a motion to consider each separately: open/closed; when; and to whom

Jill makes a motion to open board meetings open to membership except during a called closed session; Michael H. seconds; Jill and Sean oppose

Communication Procedures – Board

Communication Procedures – Membership

Request from Sherwood Design about Islais Creek Resilient Design presentation on May 5. Decided that IBNA will not need a specific presentation but will promote the planned community meetings to membership and send IBNA representatives form Board as possible.

ITEM 4. 10:00 – 10:20 1550 Evans

Discuss various options and decide which, if any, to support. Discuss other ways to stay involved in decision-making process.

Michael H. makes a motion to write a letter of support asking for community center and food; Richard seconds; all in favor. Jill will represent IBNA at April 9 CAC meeting.


Determine actions and IBNA representative for upcoming meetings and tasks

Shipyard Parcel F Meeting and Document Review. Meeting on April 11, comments due May 7. Michael to represent IBNA at April 11 meeting.


900 Innes / 700 Innes EIR response. Board may need to seek a lead contact on this project as Sue Ellen had led this in the past.

ITEM 6. 10:30 – 11:00: D-10 MOBILITY STUDY The San Francisco County Transport Authority:

           Welcome Rachel Hiatt, Principal Planner at the SFCTA. Also joined by IBNA members Jason Fried and Eric Vanderpool plus “Ace on the Case”.

Ms Hiatt explained that SFCTA is a county authority. She asked for IBNA concerns about transit and transportation in our community.[BOARD: Please add items we discussed. Monica: In the future, we need to keep our own notes of meetings like this].

ITEM 7. 11:00 – 11:20: 2018 EVENT PLANNING: Seeking volunteers to help with events

  • D10 Candidate Forum: Discuss and decided whether to sponsor a candidate forum in July. Sean makes a motion; Michael H seconds; all in agreement.
  • or not. Create committee to produce this event
  • Sean makes a motion; Michael H seconds; all in agreement.
    • Coordination Committee: Sean K. Jason F., Monica P-S. Jill will pro’
  • Shoreline Park Movie Night: Discuss and decide whether to sponsor or not. Create committee to produce this event
  • Youth Day on the Bay: Discuss and decide whether to co-sponsor or not. Create committee to produce this event
    • Allen makes a motion to have the event; Sean seconds; all in agreement.
    • October 13, 2018
  • IBNA Monthly Social Gatherings
    • 3rd Fridays at Speakeasy

ITEM 8. 11:20 11:30: Board photo shoot:  (Sean took would like Board member photos for the website.)


ITEM 9. 11:30: Adjourned at 11:35 am.