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Minutes 5_05_2018

India Basin Neighborhood Association


May 5, 2018

ITEM 1. CHECK IN: Meeting called to order. In attendance: Michael H, Allen, Jill. Due to no quorum, past minutes not reviewed.

ITEM 2. BOARD BUSINESS: Treasurer duties transferred to Allen, with Michael H performing bookkeeping and check signing by Chair Jill. Allen, Michael, and Allen will meet at Wells Fargo (at 3:00 same day) to change check-signing privileges.

Jill makes request for help in getting post office key in order to get mail. Allen will check with Sue Ellen and Sean to get a copy of the key.

Michael H will continue research on Pay Pal account.

Allen will continue work on Newsletter and consider distribution methods (Constant Contact, email, print, website, Facebook, or combination)


Motion made to write letter to Navy about Parcel F cleanup. Sean had given proxy to Jill. Motion passes. Jill will write and send letter to Navy by May 7 deadline.

Motion made to have official IBNA comments at May 14 hearing on Shipyard Cleanup. Sean had given proxy to Jill. Motion passes. Jill will attend and speak if time allows. Points to make are: 1) transportation of questionable materials traveled through the existing neighborhood 2) what can be done to mitigate? 3) consider bringing back Restoration Advisory Board for more local control / awareness of cleanup