Minutes 7.14.12

DRAFT Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

July 14, 2012



9:17AM                 Meeting Called to Order: Quorum Presentation

Members Present: Michael Hamman, Michael Cocagne, Sean Karlin,           Steve LaPlante, Kathryn Altamore, Brian Stott, & Jill Fox.

Members Absent: Richard Laufman & Sue Ellen Smith*.



9:18AM                Approval of Meeting Minutes:   tabled until next month.


9:20AM                Chairman’s Report:

  1. Discussion of Houseboat: motion made by SK that letters should be sent to Ed Lee, Malia Cohen re houseboat; KA 2ds, all approve.


9:30AM                Treasurer’s Report:

MC submitted financials to Board via e-mail; discussion.


9:40AM                Secretary’s Report: SES’s notes reported to Board by MC

  1. Correspondence: see proposed letter re Parcel E-2
  2. Logo issues: MH makes motion to use a serif font in the new logo produced by Cab Covay; KA 2ds motion, all approve.
  3. Letter of thanks to Robert ? Letter went out 5/31/12
  4. Update on the IBNA e-mail list: in progress
  5. New board member profiles on web site: SES has placed temporary icons as placeholders for new Board members’ photos; still need bios – please submit to SES


  1. Other Reports:
  2. Update on Houseboat
  3. Update on Membership by Brian.



  1. Old Business:
  2. America True Event
  3. Reach out Erin
  4. Set Date
  • IBNA Involvement


  1. New Business:
  2. Legal status of Association/See IBP #2 attached from Kristine: tabled
  3. Sean’s video proposal: MH makes motion, SLP 2ds, all approve.
  4. Accept resignation from Kathryn: Board members to seek new member
  5. Discussion & Possible action: Motion as to whether IBNA should take a position on the decision to reverse the Navy ROD on parcel E-2 is made by SK; SLP 2ds; all approve. IBNA supports capping and sealing in place.


10:50AM           Adjournment.


* Note: These rough minutes were taken by MC at the meeting and prepared by SES, who was absent from the meeting.





11:00AM           Meet With Blue Greenway Bike Path Planners



  1. SFPA will introduction the Blue Greenway Area-Wide Plan and up     date on process so far.
  2. Bionic’s will give a Power Point Presentation on current site conditions,
  3. Discussion and collect feedback from group on open space ideas and connectivity.
  • Next steps Bionic’s and SFPA


The Bicycle Coalition will be present at Saturday’s meeting. The       representative’s name is Dani.