Minutes 8-6-2016


Board of Directors Meeting

August 6, 2016

  1. Call to order – Determine Quorum and welcome members:
    1. Sue Ellen, Tori, Sean, Richard, Mónica, and Pauline (via phone)
  2. Board clarifies bylaw position:
    1. One general membership meeting per year; all other meetings are Board meetings. Board may choose to open second hour of Board meeting to general membership and/or public as announced via e-mail correspondence to membership or via invitation by Board.
      1. Move to so vote by Mónica, seconded by Tori; unanimous vote.
  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes: Meeting minutes from July 9, 2016
    1. Reviewed offline
  1. Board Member Check-in: (10 minutes or less)
    1. Richard provides update on PG&E park development
      1. Board concerned about high use of concrete
  1. Chair’s Report: by Sue Ellen Smith
    1. Chair continues discussion from previous Board meeting re possible board candidates; top candidate expressed interest in serving.
    2. Motion to fill vacant Board seat with Anietie Ekanem made by Tori; seconding by Richard; unanimous vote.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: by Allen Frazier.
    1. Reviewed offline
  1. Secretary’s Report: by Sean Karlin.
    1. Correspondence
    2. i. Thank you letters: n/a
  1. Other Reports:
    1. Update on Build Inc. / India Basin NOP/IS – Sue Ellen, Sean, Richard
      1. Board discussed e-mail correspondence sent by concerned IBNA general member
        1. Board agreed that a request for a larger community meeting will be made at the next Bayview Working Group meeting in September.
  1. Old / On-going Business:
    1. Planning for Kayak event 10/15 (Ben, SFBayWaterTrail will table)
      1. Research equipment
      2. Permits
  • After-Event: Laughing Monk? Seven-Stills?
  1. Sponsorships for event / out-of-area sponsor
    1. Researching additional sponsorships
  1. New Business:
    1. Opportunity for IBNA Movie Night in IB Shoreline Park – tabled for 2017
    2. Re-stripe traffic lanes on Innes
      1. Requested by IBNA to Sup. Cohen
        1. DPW/Public Information Officer Sevilla Mann requests further information
      2. Undergrounding power lines – tabled
  1. (10:30 AM)

Guest Speakers: 

  1. Wing Lee, AIA, 1065 Innes Avenue development
    1. Discussion with owners Tanja Beck & Karoline Hochstrat and soil engineer Carl Eklund.