Minutes 05.03.2014

DRAFT Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

May 3rd, 2014


9:20AM             Meeting Called to Order: No Quorum Present.

Members Present: Michael Hamman, Sue Ellen Smith, Sean Karlin, Pauline Peele & Kristine Enea.


9:22AM             Approval of Meeting Minutes: from April 5, 2014. No quorum, no approval.



9:25AM             Chairman’s Report:

  1. IBNA Annual Egg Hunt. Success.


9:35AM             Treasurer’s Report: Allen Frazier


9:36AM             Secretary’s Report: Sean Karlin

  1. Correspondence: for their support of the Spring Egg Hunt Ltr to be sent to:
  2. City Grazing (David Gavrich 100 Cargo Way, San Francisco, CA 94124 Email: david@citygrazing.com)
  3. Greg Peele
  4. Central Concrete,
  5. Recology
  6. Robert Davis. (parkside415@me.com)
  7. Correspondence: Letters of thanks for the Arelous Walker Stairs (M. Cohen, L. Hussein, T. Bohee, CIC. Possible ribbon cutting ceremony?


9:50AM             Other Reports:

  1.    Update on Acosta Parcel/Build Inc.: Michael Hamman. June Build Inc. Meeting. We want to push for a bike path that is not on Innes.
  2. Report on Bayview Gateway Art Installation: Sean Karlin


10:20AM           Old Business:



10:52AM           New Business:

  1. Appointment of new board members: No action taken, but Kristine Enea was present but no formal action was taken.
  2. Consider joining Easter Waterfront Neighborhood Association (EWNA): Sean Karlin presented. Some of us will attend the May 28th meeting at the South Beach Boat Club.
  3. Update on Pier 70/Bayview Pop-Up Market – Tori Freeman.


12:00AM           Adjournment. – Meeting adjourned.