Minutes 07.12.2014


Board of Directors Meeting

July 12, 2014


9:10AM      Call to order – Quorum present.

Members: Sue Ellen Smith, Michael Hamman, Pauline Peele, Richard Luafman, Sean Karlin.


9:11           Approval of Meeting Minutes:   From June 7, 2014


9:15           Board Member Check-in: (10 minutes or less)


9:20           Chairman’s Report: by Sue Ellen Smith.

Arelious Walker Stairs – Big event many people showed up from the city & from the community

Central Concrete/Bode Concrete Sponsorship – They are offering $500 in support to IBNA.


9:25           Treasurer’s Report: Report reviewed


9:27           Secretary’s Report: by Sean Karlin.


  1. i. More Thank you letters – Arelious Walker Stairs – Mohamad, Capt. O’Sullivan, Malia, Lila Hussian & Tiffany Bohee.


9:30           Other Reports:

Update on the Eastern Waterfront Neighbors – Sean Karlin, Pauline Peele

Update on Build, Inc. – Sean, Michael, Sue Ellen. Discussed open presentation and IBNA’s position as community organizer.


10:15         Old / On-going Business:

Annual Kayak event, Saturday October 25th, 2014 – Recology BBQ – Dan to come for August meeting?

10:20         New Business:

Appointment of new Board member to replace Jill – Possibly Simon Walker (Jill’s Neighbor)

280 Freeway – Proposed tear-down/IBNA’s position – To add to future agenda

Participatory Budget 2015 – Pushed to future agenda


10:26         Adjournment. (10:30 AM)


* * * * * * *

Guest Presentations:


10:30AM   Margaret Miller, representing John Stewart Co. re Hunter’s View                           Housing Development


11:00AM   Tony Kelly, Candidate for Supervisor, District 10